Retail CIL

So much time is spent currently examining the effect that the Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) will have on housing development but there has been much less discussion about what the impact is likely to be on retail development. This event, held in London in February 2013 and hosted by Nathaniel Lichfield & Partners, considered how CIL is likely to influence delivery and the challenges facing retailers, developers and local authorities in implementing the growth agenda.

Presentations concentrated on the experience to date of implementing CIL. Subsequent discussion raised many issues on the application of CIL and how receipts will be spent in a local community. The need for retailers and developers to get involved in CIL consultations early was stressed and the risk of unintended consequences, such as potentially favouring the redevelopment of properties currently in retail use over vacant space were raised. Practical difficulties of administering and paying CIL where differential rates and phased development occur, and the merit in including ‘works in kind’ within a CIL payment if further changes are to be made to the regulations, were discussed.

The implementation of CIL charging for retail developments is going to be challenging for all concerned in the short term, but this event highlights the benefits of sharing experience. The open discussions following the thought provoking presentations was particularly welcome 

Christine Reeves, NLP Senior Associate Director, and member of the NRPF Research Group.

Presentations are available to view: